L-Acoustics 112P

L-Acoustics 112P
L-Acoustics 112P

The 112P is the versatile model within the L-ACOUSTICS self powered coaxial P series. The enclosure operates over a frequency bandwidth from 50 Hz to 20 kHz which can be lowered to 40 Hz with the addition of the recommended SB15P self-powered subwoofer. The 112P enclosure contains a passive coaxial configuration consisting of a 3’’ diaphragm compression driver loaded onto a 12’’ low frequency transducer integrated into a compact low profile bass-reflex tuned enclosure. This coaxial transducer arrangement produces a 90° axi-symmetric directivity output along with a smooth tonal response free of secondary lobes over the entire frequency range, resulting in exceptional immunity to feedback especially in monitoring situations. The system contains a speaker management DSP and a single channel power amplification module. The DSP manages the system crossover network, driver time alignment, and dual protection of the loudspeaker components. The unique linearization drive characteristic of the transducersisaresultofcomprehensiveparametermanagementfunctionsbytheDSP. Made of high-grade Baltic birch plywood, the cabinet design makes the 112P perfectly suited to all multi-purpose sound reinforcement applications. Its wedge-shape allows monitoring use with a fixed angle settings of 30 ̊ from vertical. The 112P can also be pole-mounted using the integrated socket or flown using the complementary ETR12-2 bracket or XTLIFTBAR accessory. The 112P enclosure is DSP-optimized for 4 different presets:

  • The [FRONT] preset for main FOH system applications
  • The [FILL] preset for distributed or complementary system applications
  • The [MONITOR] preset for stage monitor applications
  • The [XOVER] preset for use with the SB15P compact subwoofer.
The performance of the 112P enclosure depends upon the choice of preset and physical configuration of the system.

  • Ultimate sonic performance, clarity and precision
  • Plug and play design for fast and easy set-up
  • Compact and portable
  • Sleek design, durable construction, extended longevity
  • FOH, fill, monitor versatility for reduced inventory
  • Coherent point source radiation with excellent performance off-axis
  • Dark Grey Brown or Pure White color available


Multi-purpose, self-powered 2 way enclosure, 50 Hz - 20 kHz bandwidth.

Usable bandwidth (-10dB)

50 Hz - 20 kHz ([FRONT] preset)

Nominal directivity (-6dB)

90° Axi-symmetric

Maximum SPL

131 dB ([FILL] preset)


LF: 1 x 12’’ transducer mounted in a bass-reflex enclosure
HF: 1 x 3’’ diaphragm compression driver

Electrical specifications

Input stage: balanced, max level of +12 dBu (at 0 dB setting)
DSP: 24 bit/48 kHz
Amplifier power rating: 1000 W, 8 ohms

H x W x D

540 x 410 x 390 mm
21.3 x 16.1 x 15.4 in

Wedge angle

30° from vertical

Weight (net)

32 kg - 70.5 lb


2 x XLR in parallel,
2 x Powercon 120 or 230V selectable by switch

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