Barco FLM R22+

Barco FLM R22+
Barco FLM R22+

Barco's FLM-R22+ is an ultra-bright, durable projector with picture-in-picture capabilities. It is a perfect fit for any large venue that requires extra brightness to show clear, crisp images in a luminous environment.

Powerful projection for large venues

Thanks to its 22,000 lumens light output, the FLM-R22+ is able to display widescreen, high-contrast images of superior quality even in venues with lots of ambient light. Through its superior video processing and picture-in-picture capabilities, you can make your presentations more interactive and energizing without the need for extra peripherals.

Most silent projector in its class

The FLM-R22+'s liquid cooling technology cuts noise levels to a minimum, making it one of the most silent projectors in its class. The FLM is also equipped with a sealed optical engine that prevents dust, smoke or other environmental contamination from affecting its image quality.

Ultra bright and stunning images
  • High contrast 3-chip DLP™ engine
  • True native SXGA+ resolution
  • 22,000 center lumens
  • Contrast ratio of 1,800:1
  Low total cost of ownership
  • Sealed engine with constant image quality over time
  • Projector designed for high resistance against external contamination
  • Extended lamp warranty (750 hours)
  • Extremely good lamp maintenance (typical 1,000 hrs)
  • TLD+HD lens range that is fully compatible with Barco's HDX projector series
  Built for demanding rental & staging applications
  • Fully sealed optics
  • Easy to set up, install, service and transport
  • Removable lamp house, power supply & electronics
  • Low video delay (broadcast live events)
  • Universal lamp house for all FLM projectors
  Fit for any widescreen & creative application
  • High brightness projection at 22,000 center lumens
  • High-Contrast Mode” (2,400:1) feature enables you to make a trade-off between brightness and contrast, depending on your application.
  • Low video delay, very important when broadcasting live events
  • Ultimate solution for projection on multiple screens and special surfaces

Projector type

SXGA+ 3-chip DLP digital projector


0.95" DMD™ x3


1,400 x 1,050


22,000 center lumens / 21,000 ANSI lumens

Contrast ratio

1,700:1 / 2,200:1 (high contrast mode)

Brightness uniformity


Aspect ratio



Horizontal and vertical edge blending

Lens type



0.73:1 ; 1.2:1 ; 1.25-1.6:1 ; 1.5-2.0:1 ; 2.0-2.8:1 ; 2.8-4.5:1 ; 4.5-7.5:1 ; 7.5-11.5:1

Optical lens shift

Vertical: -10% to +110% / Horizontal: -50% to +50% (on zoom lenses)

Color correction



3kW xenon

Lamp lifetime

1,000 hours


DVI(HDCP); 5-BNC RGBHV (RGBS/RGsB, YUV CS/SOY, Composite video, S-Video): SDI/HDSDI

Optional Inputs

DVI(HDCP); 5-BNC RGBHV (RGBS/RGsB, YUV CS/SOY, Composite video, S-Video); SDI/HDSDI

Input resolutions

From NTSC up to UXGA (1,600 x 1,200) incl. HD (1,920 x 1,080)

Network connection

10/100 base-T, RJ-45 connection

Power requirements

220-240V / 50-60Hz

Operational ambient temperature

0-40°C / 32°-104°F

Dimensions (WxLxH)

707 x 1,025 x 548mm / 27.83 x 40.35 x 21.57 inches


99kg (218.25lbs)


Compliant with UL1950 and EN60950 complies with FCC rules & regulations, part 15 Class A and CE EN55022 Class A, RoHS

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