12,000 lumens smart cinema projector

Barco SP4K-12

Barco SP4K-12
Barco SP4K-12

SP4K-12 is part of the Series 4 portfolio, designed in close collaboration with industry partners. Market trends in content creation, exhibition and technology were taken into account. The result? A 4K RGB projector family, designed for cinema. The SP4K models come in many different configurations offering you the freedom of choice. A range of lumens, compatibility with both Barco lenses and selected 3rd party lenses, and optional touch displays. Play with the available options to match your specific needs.

Brilliant image The Series 4 brings native 4K resolution, higher contrast and enhanced uniformity into the movie theater. The Barco Active Image ManagementTM and its patented precision brightness technology guarantees flawless images with automatic white balances. Ready for tomorrow, today The Barco ColorgenicTM technology opens up the full P3 color space and more than 98.5% of Rec. 2020. SP4K-12 is fully enabled for future innovations like 4K 120fps and HDR images. Deliver stunning results not only on day 1, but consistently throughout the lifetime of the product. Barco EcoPure This silent running projector (50dB(A)) is fully ready for boothless operation. In addition, the SP4K-12 smartly manages its power consumption of only 8 lm/W. In eco-mode it consumes even less than 3 Watt. What's more, remote wake up on LAN is possible for scheduled maintenance or ingest. Fit and forget The modular design of the Series 4 projectors allows for cost-effective maintenance. There are only six Barco laser plateTM spare parts to service all light source configurations. Anyone can replace the filters thanks to the toolless cover and filter handling. The SP4K-12 seamlessly integrates into your current setup.

Native brightness

12,000 lumens (typical)

Native contrast ratio

2300:1 (typical)

Digital MicroMirror Device™

3x 0.98” DC4K TRP


native 4K: 4096 x 2160


gamut DCI P3 (98.5% of Rec.2020; when measured in xy-color coordinates)

Prime lenses

With C-lensholder: 0.8 -1.16; 1.09 -1.40; 1.2 -1.8; 1.4 -2.05; 1.6 -2.5 ; 1.95 -3.2; 2.4 -3.9
With B-lensholder: 1.6 – 2.4; 1.9 – 2.6; 2.0 – 2.95; 2.3 – 3.65; 2.8 – 4.7; 3.55 – 6.95
High-brightness and High-contrast B-lenses compatible

Long-term brightness stability

40,000 hrs @ average usage conditions


integrated cooling design and patented sealed optical assembly

Dimensions (WxLxH)

Projector incl feet: 710 x 1070 x 547 mm/ 27,95 x 42,13 x 21,54 inches
(710 x 1132x 547 mm/ 27,95 x 44.55x 21,54 inches with B-lensholder)


90kg / 198.5lbs

Power requirements

single phase or triple phase 200-240V 16A

Heat load (max. power)

4600 BTU/h

Exhaust airflow

300 CFM

Ambient temperature

40°C/104F Max.

Ambient humidity

85% RH max

Media server

Barco Alchemy ICMP-X and other media server brands** supported.

Power consumption

1.4kW (3W in Eco mode)

Noise Level

50dB(A) @1m and 25°C ambient temperature

3D systems

Active glasses systems and polarization systems on silver screens are supported. Color separation systems are not supported.

Safety requirements

Class 1 risk group 3

User interface

Touch Display and / or web-based

Lateral lens color on edge of image

With 2K lens: 2 pixels average*
With 4K lens: 1.5 pixels average*
(* depends on lens, zoom, ...)


projector configuration with ICP-D

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