Televic Aladdin T8

Televic Aladdin T8
Televic Aladdin T8

The Aladdin 8 channel IR transmitter is the heart of a Infrared language distribution system and is compliant to the IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914 standard. This means it can be used with other equipment compliant to these standards. The 8 RCA phono plugs, inserting external asymmetrical audio signals, are modulated and transmitted to the radiator(s) in the conference room. Sensitivity of each input can be adjusted enabling fine tuning of audio levels. Each of the audio channels can be assigned with a language name for easy identification. The radiator has four BNC output connectors providing signal to the radiator(s). Each output can drive up to 30 radiators with a maximum cable lenght of 900m. In bypass mode the BCN input connector takes signals from another transmitter allowing multiple rooms to be used. Activating the auxiliary mode during breaks will provide music to all channels. When the transmitter is connected to an emergency system that becomes active, an alarm signal will be fed to all channels. The built-in infrared emitters for audio monitoring and test generator are usefull features for system setup and debugging. Connectivity:

  • 4 BCN outputs
  • 1 BNC input
  • 2 XLR M inputs
  • 8 RCA phono connectors
  • Emergency switch

  • On/Off switch
  • Configuration via LCD display
  • Language name assignment for each audio channel
  • Adjustable input sensitivity
  • Bypass mode allowing multi room configurations
  • Emergency signal interface
  • Music mode
  • Build-in emmiter for audio monitoring


IEC61603-7 and

Headphone load impedance

> 32 ohm < 2k ohm

HF input

nominal 1Vpp, minimum 10 mVpp, 50Ohm

HF output

1Vpp, 6V DC, 50 Ohm

Asymmetrical inputs

-6 to +6 dBV nominal

Symmetrical inputs

+6 to +18 dBV nominal

Mains Voltage

110-230V AC 50-60 Hz

Power consumption

55 W nominal, 29 W standby

Dimensions (mm)

430(w), 99(h), 325 (d)

Weight (g)




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