Christie CP2220

Christie CP2220 Christie CP2220 Christie CP2220 Christie CP2220 Christie CP2220
Christie CP2220
Christie CP2220 Christie CP2220 Christie CP2220 Christie CP2220

Designed for ease of use and maximum reliability with the majority of screens in commercial exhibition, the Christie® CP2220 a digital cinema projector solution that is the brightest, highest performance projector with the lowest operating costs in its class. The new user interface and electronics showcase improvements in speed and performance that help make the Christie CP2220 the workhorse of the industry.

Screen size Up to 70ft (21.3m)
Brightness ~22,000 lumens
DLP® technology 1.2" 2K DMD 3DLP Cinema® chip
Resolution 2048 x 1080 2K, upgradable to 4096 x 2160 4K
Contrast >2100:1
Lamp CDXL-20, CDXL-30, CDXL-30SD
Height 19" (483 mm)
Width 25" (635 mm)
Depth 46" (1068 mm)
Weight 256lb (116 kg)

The Christie CP2220 digital cinema projector offers full 2K resolution triple flash for 3D projection and built-in support for HDCP and de-interlacing of alternative content. Using the Texas Instruments 1.2" DMD allows for bigger and brighter 3D movies and more efficient cooling which extends the life of the projector.

The Christie CP2220 promotes longer lamp life, lower cost of ownership and greater reliability than the competition. In addition, the Christie CP2220 was designed to allow a convenient field upgrade to 4K, providing you with an additional return on your investment.

Available with High Frame Rate technology

With HFR​ technology, your investment is ready for the next evolution of digital cinema. Display premium 2D/3D HFR feature film and alternative content in its original format, giving your audiences the best visual experience possible.

The ergonomic design offers simplicity of use in a robust and reliable package.

For easy integration into any environment, Christie’s full range of digital cinema accessories includes the Christie Integrated Media Block (IMB), the Christie Cine-IPM 2K for alternative content, ​the Christie ACT automation control system, and a full suite of lenses and lamps.

Upgrade your 2K to 4K resolution quickly and easily

Christie makes it easy to transform your 2K resolution cinema projector into a 4K (4096 x 2160) native resolution powerhouse with the new Christie 4K upgrade kit.  This upgrade provides four times the resolution of standard 2K digital cinema and provides owners with the assurance of being prepared for future content releases that use the industry’s highest current resolution.

  • 2K, Series 2 DLP Cinema® technology
  • DCI compliant
  • Easily upgradable to 4K
  • 3D ready
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Standard support for HDCP, SNMP and VNC
  • Split power operation for use with UPS
  • One-piece compact design for flexible mounting and installation
  • Local control via flexible Touch Panel Controller (TPC) and full access from anywhere via web service based GUI
  • Operates with standard 2kW, 3kW and high performance 3kW cinema lamps


CDXL-20 003-000598-xx
CDXL-30 003-000599-xx
CDXL-30SD 003-001165-xx

Nominal brightness

~22,000 lumens

Screen size

Up to 70ft (21.3m)

Contrast ratio

>2100:1 full field on/off

Digital micromirror device

1.2" 2K 3DLP​

DMD DLP Cinema®

2048 x 1080 pixels
Upgradable to 1.38" 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels)

Input line voltage

Single phase 220V

Number of colors

35.2 trillion

Optional lenses

1.25x Anamorphic Lens 38-809054-XX
1.26x Wide Converter Lens 108-281101-XX
Use of the Anamorphic or Wide Converter Lens requires the MALM adapter 108-111102-XX

Power supply

3.3kW low-ripple switch mode lamp power supply


Projection head & lamp power supply (approx., LxWxH): 46.3 x 25.2 x 18.9" (1175 x 641 x 480mm)
As installed: 256lb max (116kg)

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