Beyerdynamic Orbis MU 43

Beyerdynamic Orbis MU 43 Beyerdynamic Orbis MU 43 Beyerdynamic Orbis MU 43
Beyerdynamic Orbis MU 43
Beyerdynamic Orbis MU 43 Beyerdynamic Orbis MU 43

The built-in microphone speaker panel, without a speaker, is used with Classus GM 31x Q and GM 115 Q gooseneck microphones, headphone output, RJ45 connectors for conference room integration, Phoenix connectors for connecting a CA OL loudspeaker.

  • Headphone Out
  • RJ45 connectors for integration into a conference system
  • Phoenix connectors for connecting a CA OL loudspeaker.

  • High-quality flush mounting plate with metal housing and insert of optically hardened acrylic glass
  • Round edges for flush mounting into tables
  • Removable gooseneck microphone in different lengths, with Scudio® technology, 5-pin XLR connection with hidden lock
  • Red LED on the gooseneck microphone displays ready-to-speak status
  • Microphone button to turn the unit and microphone on or off
  • White = microphone unit on, Green = microphone on, Red = microphone off
  • Clear button to clear/deactivate all activated microphones of the delegate units
  • Configurable function button
  • Voice-controlled activation of the microphone possible
  • Headphone output (3.5 mm stereo jack) and buttons to set volume or channel (Original or 1 foreign language channel)
  • Two RJ45 sockets to connect to the control unit or to another microphone unit/system unit
  • Phoenix® connector for external loudspeaker (the loudspeaker is automatically deactivated when the microphone is turned on)
  • Configuration via Orbis CU control unit as semi-chairman microphone or press unit possible

Voltage supply via control unit

Bus voltage (48 V DC)

Power consumption

max. 1 W

Temperature range (humidity < 90%)

+10 °C to +40 °C [+50 °F to +104 °F]

System connection

2x RJ45 socket (not for Ethernet)

Loudspeaker output

Phoenix® connectors, contact spacing 3.5 mm

Min. output impedance

4 Ω

Headphone output

Mini jack socket (3.5 mm stereo)

Min. output impedance

16 Ω, short-circuit proof

Frequency response

20 - 15,000 Hz

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