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The Orbis conference system features a simple and intuitive operation as well as an easy setting up. The Orbis CU control unit is used to control a maximum of 100 microphone units with loudspeakers which are connected in two lines to the control unit via RJ45 connections. When connecting a maximum of 50 microphone units in a ring, the Orbis system provides maximum reliability due to redundancy, i.e. the microphone units are supplied with signals from two sides. Should a defect occur in the cables on one side, the microphone units are still supplied from the other side. Depending on the selected setting and operating mode, a maximum of 8 microphone units (e.g. 7 delegate and 1 chairman unit) can be turned on simultaneously. One audio channel is permanently allocated to each chairman unit in the system so that a maximum of 8 chairman microphone units can be used in one system. There is a continuous status check, monitoring or control via the data link to the microphone units. E.g. individual microphone units can be activated via the serial interface (RS232) or the whole discussion system can be turned on via a control command or the rotary encoder on the front. The control unit can be connected to a media control system via the RS232 interface allowing a convenient operation and different status displays. Furthermore, the Orbis system can be integrated into tele or video conferencing systems.

• Microphone units can be connected in two lines or in a ring • Connection with redundancy for maximum reliability: max. 50 microphone units in a ring • Connection without redundancy: max. 100 microphone units (50 per line) • Power supply via external power supply unit (included with delivery) • High-quality housing made of brushed aluminium • Glass panel for operation and to display individual menus and a status line • Rotary encoder to select and set menus • Illuminated corona to display standby or operating mode • Insertion for SD card and REC button to record audio signals • Control and configuration of the microphone units • Plug-in type inputs and outputs • RS232 interface for control and configuration of the system • Reset to restore the factory settings • NOM function – max. Number of open Microphones, up to 8 microphone units can be allocated simultaneously • Automatic audio channel allocation of the microphone units • Fixed audio channel per chairman unit (max. 8) • Operating modes: - Normal – each participant can turn the microphone on or off - Voice activation – the microphone is activated when someone speaks into it - FiFo – when the number of open microphones is exceeded, the microphone which was activated first, will be deactivated • Plug-in connections on the rear: - 1x bal. audio master output via 3-pin XLR - 1x unbal. audio master output via RCA phono - 1x unbal. audio input via RCA phono - 1x RS232 via 9-pin Sub-D - 2 x microphone connections via RJ45; with CAT5e cables (S/UTP, AWG 26 or better) • Desktop housing • Dimensions (LxWxH) 183.8x194x73.5 mm [7.24"x7.64"x2.89"]

Input voltage

100 V AC to 240 V AC

Input current

1.8 A

Power consumption

180 W

Power dissipation

30 W at max. load


electronically internal

CU Input voltage

48 V DC

CU Current consumption

3.13 A

CU Power consumption

150 W

System connections

2 x RJ45 socket (not for Ethernet)

Analogue Audio In

RCA phono socket (mono/unbalanced) max. level: +2.2dBu

Analogue Audio Out

1 x RCA phono socket (mono/unbalanced) max. level: +2.2dBu
1 x XLR (mono/balanced)

Frequency response

20 - 16,000 Hz

External control

RS232 (max. 2 m at 115200 Baud)

Card reader

SD card (max. 32 GB),
type: SDHC, FAT 32

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