Dolby Digital Surround EX (Cat. № 790)

Dolby Digital Surround EX (Cat. № 790)
Dolby Digital Surround EX (Cat. № 790)

Dolby Cat. No. 790 Digital Input/Dolby Digital Surround EX Card. The Dolby Cat. No. 790 upgrades your Dolby CP650D to a model CP650 for digital cinema and Dolby Digital Surround EX. The Cat. No. 790 card provides four single-ended AES-3 digital inputs for PCM or coded audio (professional or consumer Dolby Digital bitstreams) necessary for digital cinema, onscreen advertising, and alternative-content digital audio playback. In addition to the inputs and formats included in the CP650D, the following digital audio formats are supported when the Cat. No. 790 is installed:

  • Format 80, Master Digital, automatically switches between varying bitstream types (two-channel PCM/Dolby Digital).
  • Format 81, Master Digital with Surround EX™, applies Surround EX decoding to Dolby Digital 5.1 bitstreams.
  • Format 88, Six-Channel PCM, inputs three AES-3 PCM channel pairs to comprise a 5.1 program.
  • Format 89, Six-Channel PCM with Surround EX, applies Surround EX decoding to AES channel pair number 3 (Ls/Rs).
  • Format 90, Seven-Channel PCM, inputs AES-3 channel pairs to comprise a 6.1-channel (Surround EX) program.
  • When a Cat. No. 790 card is installed, the digital bitstreams are input on the “Option I/O” D-connector.

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