Dolby Cat. No. 791

Dolby Cat. No. 791
Dolby Cat. No. 791

Digital Crossover Card Dolby Cat. No. 791. In addition to maintaining all the functionality of its predecessor, the Cat. No. 794, the new Dolby Digital Surround EX Card (Cat. No. 790) provides four S/PDIF digital inputs, allowing up to eight channels of digital audio plus an expansion slot for the Digital Crossover Card (Cat. No. 791). The addition of the Digital Crossover Card (Cat. No. 791) with the Dolby Digital Surround EX Card (Cat. No. 790) integrates screen-channel crossovers within the CP650, allowing the cinema audio to remain in the digital domain while adjusting crossover filters and 1/3-octave equalization. The card has an extensive PC setup software package and a variety of settings are available to optimize the playback chain of a cinema. The Digital Crossover Card provides additional balanced outputs for twoor three-way screen channel speakers. These outputs carry the mid-range and highfrequency audio for L, C, and R channels. Setup of the crossovers is incorporated into the CP650 PC setup software to simplify the installation and alignment. The Cat. No. 791 also provides support for five screen channels when configured in the two-way mode.

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