Figueras 4304 RIVA CLUB

Figueras 4304 RIVA CLUB Figueras 4304 RIVA CLUB Figueras 4304 RIVA CLUB
Figueras 4304 RIVA CLUB
Figueras 4304 RIVA CLUB Figueras 4304 RIVA CLUB

Individual or configurable seat in high comfort rows and generous dimensions, designed for use in high standing VIP rooms, cinemas, stadiums, or Home Theatre rooms.

The recline of the back and footrest can be modified independently in each seat module by two electric motors, worked intuitively from a four button keypad on the armrest of the seat.

The seat and back are composed of two moulded polyurethane foam blocks, with the steel structure fixed inside. The upholstery is done in an artisan manner with the possibility of personalising the product.

As an option ,between upholstery and foam, on both the seat and back, a fire-resistant barrier can be incorporated - the TS System that prevents the fire from entering the foam retarding the emission of toxic gas and flames.

The back cushion has ergonomic shape with head rest and lumbar support incorporated The seat cushion has ergonomic shape and is very spacious for added comfort.

The rear part of the back is protected by a rigid element that prevents frictions and deterioration as consequence of an intensive use. As an option, this element may be upholstered or painted.

The back is reclining at the desire of the occupant by pressing a button incorporated in the arm-rest, improving the user's visual and comfort at any position in the room. The user may likewise adjust the position of the footrest. If vacating the seat and after a few

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