GRADUS Continuity LED Linear Lighting System

GRADUS Continuity LED Linear Lighting System
GRADUS Continuity LED Linear Lighting System

Gradus Continuity LED linear lighting system offers an excellent alternative to neon lighting for interior applications. Utilising LED technology, Continuity linear lighting offers a similar output to neon but with the benefits that LED lighting provides. Low voltage means that the lighting is both safe to install and safe in use, with a low heat output. Low power consumption (4.8 to 15 watts per metre dependent on brightness) equals lower running costs than neon lighting whilst the long life cycle (up to 50,000 hours) means less frequent replacements providing both a cost saving (replacement strips and labour) and reducing the safety risk of changing neon strips, particularly in high level applications. The use of LEDs makes the lighting shock and vibration proof, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Continuity LED linear lighting comprises an aluminium base with a clip-in pvc cover that houses an LED lighting strip. The components offer easy assembly and on-site installation. The base and cover are supplied in 2m length with the cover being offered in either a clear or opaque finish for different lighting effects. The LED lighting strip is available in 6 static colours (Red, Blue, Green, Amber, White & Warm White) in either standard or high brightness options. An RGB colour change option is also available. The LED strip can be cut at short intervals to suit requirements thus offering flexibility in design as there are no limitations with fixed lengths. A flexible version is also available for when curves are required - contact Gradus for further information. Note - the previous version of this product was Decorflex.

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