Inorca Baronia

Inorca Baronia
Inorca Baronia

The look of a chic and contemporary lounge sofa, the comfort of a full rocker mechanis, the build of an industrial grade chair for cinema use. Optimized envelope for the perfect balance between luxury and theater efficiency.


  • Rocker mechanism, cold cured molded polyurethane foam pad with 18-20 kgf of hardness
  • High grade steel frame (18 gauge and 1” diameter) for structural integrity, formed with precision CNC benders and robot welded for reliability.
  • Backrest pan made of injected, high impact polypropylene plastic.
  • Upholstered end panels made of wood, reinforced with internal 3mm steel brackets.


  • Upholstered backrest
  • Numbering and lettering: plastic or embroidered, by row or by seat.
  • Embroidered logos -Love-seat armrest (retractable center armrest)
  • End of row lighting for aisle illumination -Cupholders: Aluminium / Plastic
  • Fixed table: Laminate surface / HPL / Integrated cupholder
  • Swivel table: Thermoformed top / Laminate surface / HPL / Tempered glass / Integrated cupholder
  • Lineal, radios or slupe installations


Dimensions Item A

1118 mm (44 in)

Dimensions Item B

901 mm (35 in)

Dimensions Item C

630 mm (25 in)

Dimensions Item D

1053 mm (41 in)

Dimensions Item E

458 mm (18 in)

Dimensions Item F

559 mm (22 in)

Dimensions Item G

692 mm (27 in)

Dimensions Item H

826 mm (33 in)

Dimensions Item I

1518 mm (60 in)

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