Two-Way ScreenArray® Cinema Loudspeaker

JBL C211

JBL C211 JBL C211 JBL C211
JBL C211
JBL C211 JBL C211

The C211 Two-Way ScreenArray® Cinema Loudspeaker combines JBL’s latest technological advances with a compact footprint and accessible price point, making it easy to upgrade the sonic experience in your small or mid-sized cinema. The C211 has a depth of 12", making it perfect for small cinemas with space constraints. The C211 uses the same high frequency driver technology that is found in the 7 Series master reference studio monitors, which is trusted by top movie studios around the world, your audience will enjoy a more captivating, authentic experience from every seat in the house—just like the creators intended. With a maximum throw of 16 m (52'), the C211 is designed for a small to medium cinema as well as VIP viewing rooms.

  • Next-generation two-way ScreenArray® design for maximum output, improved coverage and minimum distortion
  • C211 2409H uses same HF driver as 7 Series master reference studio monitors
  • 12" footprint saves space without sacrificing performance
  • Advanced passive crossover network combined with leading edge DSP in the amplifier produce highly accurate playback and response
  • Designed for small cinemas and VIP rooms for a maximum throw of 13.5m (44.28ft)

Frequency Response (-3dB)

77Hz - 14kHz

Frequency Response (-10 dB)

44Hz - 18kHz

Free Field Sensitivity

99 dB SPL@1W, 1M

Calculated Max SPL


Rated Impedance

Minimum Impedance

7Ω @167Hz

Power Handling (2Hr AES Rating)


Power Handling (100Hr AES Rating)


Furthest Seat


Unit Weight

79lbs (35.82kg)

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