Barco OverView OL-721

Barco OverView OL-721 Barco OverView OL-721
Barco OverView OL-721
Barco OverView OL-721

Fully redundant 70" full HD 16:9 LED video wall. Barco's OverView OL series LED-lit video walls are the first choice for 16:9 mission-critical control rooms that require a guaranteed uptime. The modules’ high level of redundancy, not only of the individual LEDs, but also of the LEDs' power supplies and even inputs, ensures nothing can go wrong, giving users the peace of mind they need. Furthermore, the OverView OL-721 video wall modules have been designed for an entirely maintenance-free operation over several years, without any need for consumables. Barco's unique liquid cooling system ensures lower LED temperature, resulting in longer LED lifetime (>80,000 hours in eco mode). ALWAYS THE OPTIMAL PICTURE Displaying the sharpest and most saturated colors in full HD resolution (1920x1080), the OverView OL-721 offers an ergonomically excellent viewing experience. OverView OL series video walls also come with Sense, Barco's unique sensor technology that provides brightness and color stability over time and across the entire display. Sense continuously measures brightness and color by means of a high-quality spectrometer, and adjusts the color space to provide an image that is most suited for the human eye. The colors can also be adjusted to the very specific needs of TV cameras, making the OverView OL series ideal for backdrop applications. SMARTER DESIGN, WITHOUT THE GAPS The optional NoGap technology eliminates the gap traditionally found between the video wall cube screens. These gaps are necessary to compensate for changes in temperature and humidity. The special NoGap screens, however, are not subject to environmental conditions, so they can be placed immediately against one another. Additionaly, the screens are incredibly robust, making them not only easy cleanable, but also earthquake-proof. The individual modules also have the smallest depth on the market today, allowing to build the most shallow video walls possible. This makes the OverView OL series the product of choice for installation in confined spaces.

  • 6x redundancy of LEDs (per color) & LED power supplies
  • 2x redundancy of dual-link inputs
  • Sense6 automatic full spectrum calibration
  • Active liquid cooling
  • Wide LED color gamut
  • Full HD resolution
  • No color break up
  • Excellent off-axis viewing with next-generation screen types
  • 80,000 hours LED lifetime in eco mode
  • 5 years service-free runtime
  • No color wheel needed
  • No wearing parts, no waste
  • No mercury lamps needed


Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)


On-screen: 235 Cd/m²

On-screen contrast



Up to 165% EBU (at maximum color mode)

Display technology

Rear projection DLP

White point

3,200K | 6,500K | 9,300K | arbitrary

Brightness uniformity

95% ANSI 9


FXS, with H/V 34°/33° ( +/- 3°) half gain angle

Screen gap

Hor: 1.0 mm | 0.04”, Vert. 0.7 mm | 0.03” (@ 25°C)
Hor: < 0.4 mm | 0.015”, Vert. < 0.3 mm | 0.012” (@ 30°C)

Screen gap with optional NoGap screen technology

Hor: 0.1 mm | 0.004"
Vert. 0.1 mm | 0.004"
All temperature/humidity conditions

Color stability

Self calibration with spectrometer based Sense


Diagonal: 70" (Approx.),
Width: 1,550 mm | 61",
Height: 872 mm | 34.3",
Depth: 622 mm | 24.5",
Weight: Projection Module: <63 kg | 139 lbs
Weight: Pedestal: < 39 kg | 86 lbs

Light source lifetime

> 60,000h (at 6500k)
> 80,000h in eco mode
MTBF LED > 500,000 h

Conditions for operation

10°C-40°C, 50°F-104°F, 80% humidity (non-condensing)

AC input voltage

90 – 240 V, 50-60Hz


170W (eco)
230W (typ.)
350W (max)

Light source

6x redundancy for each of 3 LED’s


2x Dual link DVI-D in / 2x Dual link DVI-D out
Single link DVI-D in, with HDCP (optional)

Minimum frame delay

1 frame

Signal processing

Loop through
Free cropping, free scaling (optional)

Direct ethernet access

Built in web server

Graphical user interface

All settings and operational parameters

Integration to third party equipment

WEB service API (optional)

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