OmniSHAPES are so versatile that no matter what the size or shape and what kind of occasion - they are always the main attraction during any show. The high variability of the omniSHAPES also allows for a range of special shapes for particularly demanding purposes. This allows you to realise original and unexpected presentation concepts with the best possible performance. Self-supporting or suspended superstructures can be fitted without the need for additional material since the screw fittings between the shapes are sufficient. Concave, straight or convex arrangements of the omniSHAPES are possible due to the funnel-like assembly of the base frame and the variability of the shapes ... there are practically no limits to your creativity!

  • Display sizes / shapes: 4:3 display sizes / shapes: 4:3 corresponds to 480 mm x 360 mm, also possible: hexagons, pentagons and other custom shapes
  • Depth of the entire unit: less than 400 mm (provisional figure)
  • Resolution: depending on the form display, 4: 3 corresponds to 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Weight: not specified yet possible
  • Input: DVI Single Link up to 2k resolution
  • Internal split processor
  • DVI loop-through function
  • Stand-alone concept: by the internal signal processing no external processor unit needed
  • Modular architecture: Projector unit is independent and can be disconnected independent of the disk unit and the support frame (BaseFrame)
  • Stackable frame concept with integrated ventilation ducts
  • Flexible installation options: vertical, horizontal or suspended (hanging kept top) without special mounting systems
  • LED powered: more than 60,000 hours life, no projector lamps, no color wheel
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