Advantageous solution: how cinemaboxing allows you to save money To cope with this task allows the latest solution of the company MTE Russia - cinemabox. Cinema box is an isolated cabinet where the projector and server are placed. It is fully protected from dust and is also constantly air-conditioned, which guarantees a comfortable mode of operation of the equipment. For small rooms, we offer hanging boxing, which is made of fire-resistant aluminum profile and heat-resistant glass and is installed at the back wall of the cinema hall. For maintenance of equipment, an electric winch is provided in the outboard box, which allows you to lower the box. With this design, you can equip the workplace cinema mechanic in any convenient part of the building. The main condition for installing a suspended film box is to equip a reliable place for attaching the structure to the ceiling. In each case, this problem is solved at the installation site. Using cinema box, you reduce the cost of air conditioning and dust removal. In addition, when installing a film box in a film projection, you abandon the glass that separates the mechanic’s room and the auditorium, and you can also completely abandon the projection in favor of increasing the viewing space. Cinema boxes produced by MTE Russia individually for each client, taking into account the size of the equipment and facilities, as well as the wishes of the customer. Cinema box is an absolute novelty in Russia, the use of which will allow you to extend the life of your projector up to 10 years or more. We are also ready to offer you a cienma box for a mobile K / T with a 3D system built into the cinema box.

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