Konica Minolta Infinium Σ

Konica Minolta Infinium Σ Konica Minolta Infinium Σ Konica Minolta Infinium Σ
Konica Minolta Infinium Σ
Konica Minolta Infinium Σ Konica Minolta Infinium Σ

The most accurate and realistic gradation of the stars and Milky Way, utilizing Konica Minolta's custom visualization of stellar and deep sky object data. Infinium Σ (Sigma) is the extreme solution projecting the most accurate and realistic starry sky.

  • All 32 star plates and 23 bright stars able to be turned on and off individually, extending the optical planetarium’s performance.
  • Smooth dimming of LED light sources using original LED light control.
  • A hydrodynamic-based cooling system allowing operation at low noise levels under 45dB, producing a quiet planetarium theater environment.
  • Simulation of “atmospheric extinction”, brightness and scintillation of stars changes with altitude above the horizon.

Suitable Dome Diameter

15 to 27.5m (Horizontal and Tilted)

Projection Method

Lens Projection of 32 Separate Star Plates

Light Source

Ultra bright LEDs, lifetime 30,000 hours

Fixed Stars

16,000 to 27,000 (down to 7.0 to 7.5 magnitude)

Bright Stars


Variable Stars

3: Algol, Delta Cephei, Mira


Bright and Variable Stars

Milky Way

380,000 Stars processed on Star Plates

Deep Sky Objects


Additional Projections

Cardinal Points / Sunrise and Sunset (optional) / Twilight, Dawn and Dusk (optional) / Interior LED (optional)

Sun (optional)

1 degree projection, LED light source

Moon (optional)

1 degree projection, phasing features, LED light source

Planets (optional)

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
Point projections, LED light source

Sound Level

Less than 45dB (during movement, 1m away)

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