QSC Digital Expansion Processor

QSC Digital Expansion Processor QSC Digital Expansion Processor
QSC Digital Expansion Processor
QSC Digital Expansion Processor

The DXP Digital Expansion Processor works with the DCP200/300 cinema processors and DCA amplifiers to create the most powerful networked audio solution for cinema. DCA Series amplifiers connect to the DXP via twelve DataPorts for maximum output and control flexibility for even the largest systems. The DataPort connection supplies audio to the amplifier and controls the AC power while monitoring key amplifier conditions such as clipping and heat sink temperature. The audio output of the amplifier is returned to the DCP via the CobraNet connection so that it can be listened to via the DCP’s built-in monitor speaker.

  • Supports remote mounted amplifiers with the QSC DCP 200 and 300
  • Provides advanced loudspeaker processing as well as a common user interface with the QSC DCP
  • Dual power supplies provide continuous operation in the event of primary supply failure
  • Full DataPort monitoring of the remote amps is provided via the CobraNet audio and data link to the DCP
  • Contact closure inputs can receive audio and control presets from DCP 200/300
  • Relay outputs can use DCP control presets to trigger events like masking, curtain or dimmer changes
  • Microphone/line input for lectern mic, or non-sync devices such as CD/MP3 player
  • Can be controlled via Wi-Fi on Android and iOS mobile devices

Mic/Line Input


DataPort Outputs

HD-15 (12) – QSC amplifier interface

Relay Outputs

3-pin Euro-style (x4)

Contact Closure Inputs

2-pin Euro-style (x2)


RJ45s 100 Mbps primary/backup network audio


IEC AC input 100-240 VAC


CobraNet version 2 protocol

Data Rate

100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet)


1 Primary, 1 Backup (auto-failover)

Connection Requirements

Cat-5 UTP cable or better (100m maximum length), direct connection from DCP 200/300

Line Voltage Requirements

100 VAC-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (HWD) inches

1.75 x 19 x 15

Dimensions (HWD) mm

44 x 483 x 380


10 lb (4.5 kg)

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