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Appreciate all the beauty and brightness of events with inflatable projection screens AIRSCREEN! How do we manage to use AIRSCREEN even inside concert halls and opera houses? This is all thanks to the soundproofing technology of an air compressor, the sound of which can barely be caught. You'd be surprised, but some types of screens (Airtight) do not need to force air during the whole presentation! Nothing will distract you from the fascinating actions on the screen! Stretched safety belts, our patented windshields and special counterweights guarantee excellent fixation of the AIRSCREEN screen at wind speeds of up to 38 km / h. While with stronger wind gusts, static and heavy structures can put your audience at risk, AIRSCREEN screens pose no danger. Thanks to high-frequency welding technology, AIRSCREEN inflatable frames do not undergo deformations during operation under a wide variety of weather conditions. They do not pass water, do not tear and are fire-resistant. Moreover, all materials for the manufacture of frames and screens are tested for environmental toxicity by leading European and German institutions. And all because we love our planet! However, like you. We are proud of our technology and pay tribute to the skill of our employees and engineers, thanks to whom it became possible to create a unique product - AIRSCREEN! Almost all components of AIRSCREEN are made in Germany (made in GERMANY) and have a 2 year warranty. Available screen sizes:

16:9 ratio 10ft x 5.6ft 3.00m x 1.70m (up to 50 viewers)

16ft x 9ft 4.88m x 2.74m (up to 100 viewers)

20ft x 11.25ft 6.10m x 3.43m (up to 200 viewers)

24ft x 13.5ft 7.32m x 4.12m (up to 400 spectators or 30 cars)

30ft x 17ft 9.15m x 5.15m (up to 800 spectators or 50 cars)

2:1 ratio 40ft x 20ft 12m x 6m (up to 1500 spectators or 150 cars)

52ft x 26ft 16m x 8m (up to 3,000 spectators or 250 cars)

66ft x 33ft 20m x 10m

  • Steel Ground Anchors
  • Sound-absorbing case for air compressor
  • Excellent installation on the grass surface
  • High-frequency welding provides durable coating
  • Fasteners that do not let you down
  • Thick fabric with high-frequency-welding technology for more durability
  • Strong theatrical screen surface for a wrinkle-free viewing experience even with high winds
  • Screen surface with black backside for more contrast and no disturbing ambient light
  • Rapid inflation and deflation of the frame means safety in extreme conditions
  • We are the trusted brand for professionals in over 110 countries around the globe
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