L-Acoustics LA-RAK

L-Acoustics LA-RAK
L-Acoustics LA-RAK

The LA-RAK combines in a 9U frame three LA8 amplified controllers, two I/O patch panels for signal and network distribution, and a power distribution panel. A dolly board is included for moving the LA-RAK. Two coupling bars allow assembly with another LA-RAK or a flying frame.

  • Modular touring rack designed for all L-ACOUSTICS systems
  • Hosts 3xLA8 for maximum drive flexibility and power
  • Analog Signal, Network and Power distribution panels
  • Engineered 9U frame allows flying and rigging
  • Compatible with legacy cabling standards
  • Universal platform to ease L-ACOUSTICS Rental Network cross rental
  • AES/EBU Standard on LA8 and LA-RAK

9U rack cabinet W x H x H (with dolly board) x D

609 x 513 x 663 x 580 mm
24 x 20.2 x 26.1 x 22.8 in

9U rack cabinet Weight

96 kg / 212 lbs (fully equipped, with dolly board)

9U rack cabinet Material

Aluminum and steel frame, polyethylene sides LEXAN polycarbonate doors

9U rack cabinet Finish

Gray-brown RAL 8019

9U rack cabinet Rigging/moving

2 x coupling bars, dolly board

LA-Panel WxHxD

483 x 44 (1U) x 59 mm
19 x 1.75 (1U) x 2.3 in

LA-Panel Analog input/link
Connection to LA8

2 x PA-COM connectors (passive link integrated in panel)
6 x XLR connectors

LA-Panel L-NET input/link
Connection to LA8

2 x EtherCON connectors
2 x RJ45 connectors (CAT5e 1 m cables included)

LA-Panel AES3 WxHxD

483 x 44 (1U) x 64.8 mm
19 x 1.75 (1U) x 2.6 in

LA-Panel AES3 Digital input/link

6 x XLR connectors
(active link with failsafe relay integrated in each LA8)

LA-Panel AES3 Connection to LA8

6 x XLR cables (1.15 m / 3.8 ft)


230 V power distribution panel

LA-Power WxHxD

483 x 89 (2U) x 103 mm

LA-Power AC input

Cable with 32A P17 plug (3P + N + G)

LA-Power AC output

32 A P17 link socket (3P + N + G)
1 x type F “Shuko” socket (auxiliary)
3 x type F “Shuko” sockets (L1, L2, L3)
2 x type IEC CEE22 sockets (auxiliary)

LA-Power Protection

3x16A type C circuit breakers (L1, L2, L3)
1 x 10A type C circuit breaker (auxiliary)


581 x 102 x 558 mm
22.9 x 4 x 22 in

LA-RAK Bump Weight

13.5 kg / 29.7 lbs

LA-RAK Bump Material

Steel with anti-corrosion coating

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