4-Way Screen Channel Loudspeaker, Tri- or Quad-amp

QSC SC-444

QSC SC-444
QSC SC-444
  • Four-way selectable, tri or quad- amplified screen channel system
  • Unique HF/VHF diaphragm has less mass than traditional diaphragms resulting in exceptional dynamic range, extended high frequency response and lower distortion
  • Two LF-4215 enclosures, constructed of MDF each features two single woofer chambers
  • Low-distortion waveguides provide highly articulate dialogue
  • Shallow depth (20-inch) facilitates installation

Low Component

LF-4215 x 2

High Component


Frequency Range

33 Hz - 20 kHz

Nominal Coverage

90° H x +20° to -30° V

Crossover Frequency
(Hz) 24 dB/octave

250, 1700, 6K

System Dimensions
(HWD) inches

110.3 x 30 x 20.25

System Dimensions
(HWD) mm

2801.7 x 762 x 514.4

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