Martin MAC Axiom Hybrid

Martin MAC Axiom Hybrid Martin MAC Axiom Hybrid
Martin MAC Axiom Hybrid
Martin MAC Axiom Hybrid

The MAC Axiom™ Hybrid is a true all-in-one product, combining beam and spot into one compact unit that also offers diffused wash functionality. The high-precision optical system offers exceptional contrast, both in mid-air and projection as well as a surprisingly flat field, usually not seen with this short-arc lamp technology. The implementation of the MAC Viper CMY color palette gives designers the advantage of unlimited choice from subtle pastel shades to deep and saturated colors. All this comes in a small footprint and lightweight product which delivers superior performance in the best feature vs. size and weight ratio available in the market.

  • Zoom: 2-44° (continuous, no Beam/Spot modes)
  • 16 000 lumens wide / 14 000 lumens narrow
  • 31 000 000 cd high-intensity narrow beam
  • Low weight: 24.8 kg / 54.7 lbs.
  • Very compact
  • Real CMYC color mixing (MAC Viper color palette)
  • Independent 16-slot color wheel
  • Two gobo wheels (9 rot. & 16 stat.) with super-crisp projection and high contrast on surfaces and in mid-air
  • Animation effects integrated into fixed gobo wheel
  • Independent 3- and 8-facet prisms with unique patented dynamic ‘prism lineator’ zoom effect
  • Beamsmoother (for flat field projection)
  • Frost (for wash effect)
  • Backlit LCD onboard display with auto-flip
  • PowerCon TRUE1 mains input connector
  • 5-pin XLR DMX connectors
  • RDM functionality
  • 100-240 V operation, 600 W total power consumption


Length (base): 399 mm (15.8 ins.) Width (across yoke): 414 mm (16.3 ins.) Height (head straight up): 616 mm (24.3 ins.) Height (maximum): 630 mm (24.9 ins.) Weight: 24.8 kg (54.7 lbs.)

Dynamic Effects

Color mixing: CMYC (MAC Viper color palette), independently variable 0 - 100% Color wheel: 16 dichroic filters + open, indexing, continuous rotation, random color Rotating gobo wheel: 9 interchangeable rotating gobos + open, gobo indexing, continuous rotation and shake Fixed gobo wheel: 16 static gobos + open, gobo animation effect Prism 1: 3-facet rotating prism with dynamic prism zoom effect (”prism lineator”) Prism 2: 8-facet rotating prism with dynamic prism zoom effect (”prism lineator”) Frost filter for wash effect Beamsmoother for flat field projection Mechanical dimmer/shutter: 0 - 100% dimming, strobe effect 2 - 10 Hz, pulse effects, instant open and blackout Focus: 2 m (6.6 ft.) to infinity Zoom: 2° - 44° continuous (no Beam or Spot modes) Pan: 540° Tilt: 260° Position correction system: Absolute position monitoring

Control and Programming

Control platform: DMX and RDM DMX channels: 23 Configuration and addressing: Onboard control panel or via DMX 16-bit control: Focus, pan and tilt Onboard display panel: Backlit LCD with auto-flip DMX compliance: USITT DMX512-A RDM compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20 Receiver: Isolated RS-485 Firmware update: Windows PC and USB-DMX hardware interface


Type: 440 W short-arc discharge Color temperature: 7000 K CRI (Color rendering index): >80 Average lifetime: 1500 hours Approved lamp: Osram Sirius HRI 440 W

Service Utilities

Fixture identification: User-settable fixture ID number


Mounting points: Four quarter-turn locking points Orientation: Any Minimum distance to illuminated surfaces: 15 m (49.3 ft.) Minimum distance to combustible materials: 0.2 m (0.7 ft.)


AC power input: Neutrik PowerCon TRUE1 DMX and RDM data in/out: 5-pin locking XLR


AC power: 100-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz Typical power consumption: 600 W Power supply unit: Auto-ranging electronic switch-mode

Typical Power and Current

110 V, 60 Hz: 5.5 A, 600 W, PF > 0.9 typical 230 V, 50 Hz: 2.7 A, 600 W, PF > 0.9 typical

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