Robe Robin BMFL Spot

Robe Robin BMFL Spot
Robe Robin BMFL Spot

The BMFL™ – Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire – much anticipated new lighting fixture from Robe, brings a real game changer in the world of moving lights.

The BMFL Spot™ has a custom light source designed for Robe and produces a staggering powerful 250 000 lux at 5 metres – no other product currently on the market can equal this output! Despite its power and comprehensive feature set, it weighs just 36 Kgs… and has a compact body profile.

The lamp produces light at a CRI of 92+, this combined with a refined optical system, 5–55 degree zoom, results in a crisp, high quality fat beam that is truly homogenised and without a hotspot. There are also two colour wheels which include filters that can be utilised to adjust colour temperature and improve the CRI of the white output in aging lamps. There are two rotating gobo wheels – each with six slot&lock gobo positions. There are also two Rotating Prisms. The Dual Graphic Wheels both focus within the same focal plane and the rotation and movement can be individually controlled and varied… to create ultra-cool, infinitely subtle special effects. The frost and dimming functions provide further effects.

Three grades of Frost are available and the dimmer is exceptionally smooth with no distortion, so the full beam width is visible right up to the point at which it disappears. The strobe effect is authentic with up to 10 flashes per second!

  • Light source: 1700 W OSRAM Lok-it! HTI 1700/PS
  • LIGHT OUTPUT: 40.000 lm, 250.000 lx @ 5 m, 2.500 lx @ 50 m
  • Zoom range: 5° - 55°
  • Effects: 2x gobo wheel, dual graphic wheel, circular and linear prism


Lamp: Compact short-arc metal halide lamp
Base: PGJX28
Approved model: OSRAM Lok-it! HTI 1700/PS
Lifetime: 750 hours @ 1700 W / 1500 W / Quiet mode
CRI 92+, Colour Temperature 6.000 K
Control: Automatic and remote on/off
Ballast: Electronic

Optical System

1) Fixture total lumen output:
40.000 lm at 1700 W
36.500 lm at 1500 W
32.000 lm at 1200 W (Quiet mode)

2) 250.000 lux @ 5m, 2.500 lux @ 50m
Dichroic glass reflector for maximising the light efficiency
11:1 Zoom optical system
Beam angle: Zoom range 5°–55°
Output Lens diameter: 160 mm

Electromechanical Effects

Cyan: 0 – 100 %
Magenta: 0 – 100 %
Yellow: 0 – 100 %
Variable CTO: 2.700 – 6.000 K
Colour wheel 1 with 6 fixed dichroic colours: deep red, deep blue, orange, green, magenta, congo blue + white
Colour wheel 2 with 6 replaceable "SLOT&LOCK" dichroic colours: pink, lavender, laser green, 9000 K CTB, minus
half and minus green + white
Dual Graphic Wheel with two animation discs, individual control of rotation of each disc
Effects: 6-facet circular and 6-facet linear rotating and indexable prisms
Rotating Gobo wheel 1:6 rotating, indexable, replaceable "SLOT&LOCK" glass gobos + open
Rotating Gobo wheel 2:6 rotating, indexable, replaceable "SLOT&LOCK" glass gobos + open
Iris: Motorized, stepless, pulse effects up to 3 Hz
Frost: variable Light, Medium and Heavy Frosts
Dimmer: Optimized dual blade system for exceptional smooth dimming
Shutter: Separate dual blade system, Variable strobe effect up to 10 Hz, full black out
Motorized zoom and focus
Pan: 540 °
Tilt: 270 °
EMS™: Electronic Motion Stabilizer system for Pan & Tilt reducing beam deviation caused by truss movement or
vibration (Patent pending)

Control and Programming

Setting & Addressing: ROBE Navigation System 2 (RNS2)
Protocols: USITT DMX-512, RDM, ArtNet, MA Net, MA Net2, sACN
Wireless CRMX™ technology from Lumen Radio (on request)
Control channels: 41, 33
2 DMX protocol modes
3-editable programs, each up to 100 steps
Stand-alone operation
QVGA Robe touch screen with battery backup, gravitation sensor for auto screen positioning, operation memory
service log with RTC
Pan/Tilt resolution: 16 bit
Movement control: Tracking and vector
CMY & CTO: 8 bit
Colour wheel positioning: 8 or 16 bit
Rotating Gobo Wheel positioning: 8 or 16 bit
Gobo indexing & rotation: 8 or 16 bit
Dual Graphic Wheel: 8 bit
Effect Wheel indexing & rotation: 8 bit
Iris: 8 or 16 bit
Frost: 8 bit
Zoom: 8 or 16 bit
Focus: 8 or 16 bit
Dimmer: 8 or 16 bit
Ethernet port: Art-Net, MA Net, MA Net 2, sACN
Data in/out: Locking 3-pin & 5-pin XLR
Power in: Neutrik PowerCon
Built-in analyzer for easy fault finding

Rotating Gobos

12x Rotating Glass gobos on 2 wheels
Outside diameter: 30.8 mm
Image diameter: 25.0 mm
Thickness: 1.1 mm
Max. thickness: 3.5 mm
High temperature borofloat or better glass


Power supply: Electronic auto-ranging
Input voltage range: 200–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 2000 W at 230 V / 50 Hz


Height: 813 mm (32") – head in vertical position
Width: 483 mm (19")
Depth: 335 mm (13.2")
Weight: 36 kg (79.4 lbs)
Fixation option: Pan/Tilt-lock mechanism


Mounting points: 5 pairs of ¼-turn locks
Universal operating position
3 mounting positions: 0°, 32° and 90°
2x Omega brackets with ¼-turn quick locks

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