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Since 1980 MTE has offered a worldwide partner program. Companies and individuals are taking their part in our cross-channel equipment services and distribution network. We believe that the partnership program is a key to our mutual success. Partners choose from a wide variety of offerings.

  • Supply of product
  • Technical support
  • Spare parts support
  • Internship and training at our MTE headquarters
  • Network worldwide with our partners to expand your markets for products and services
  • Gain knowledge and experience with new products and markets
  • Well known international brand name and Trade Marks
  • Shared worldwide marketing assets
  • Consulting, design and engineering services

Partners provide and share

  • Knowledge of your market
  • Willing to learn and to share information
  • Training and education in this field
  • Growth potential

Let us know more about you:
What is your market?
Describe the geographical area of your operation
Give us some statistical data about your market (how many installations were done by your company and how many do you forecast)
What is your corporate structure (when did you start your business, how many people are employed by your company, what is your main business)?
Describe both the completed projects or ones you recently were involved in?
Do you or staff have professional training, education, certification related to your business?

It is allright if you do not have the answer to some of these questions. Just send us as much information as you believe we should know about your business and we will be happy to start doing business with you

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Our office hours are 9:30am-5:30pm weekdays — please drop by, call us or fill in the contact form so we can reply to you shortly.

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