Planetarium as Multipurpose Venue

Music Concerts
When we release new programs, we often have music concerts by inviting the artists we collaborated for production. These music concerts are for promoting our programs, but our planetarium theaters are also rented for independent performances.

  • Date: 5 Dec 2015
  • Venue: TENKU
  • Participants: 100

This concert was for the release of a movie and its theme song by Yumi Matsutoya, one of the representative singers of Japan. It was the first attempt to operate a music live under complete darkness. For the audience to enjoy the starry sky, even the lights that highlighted the singing artist were eliminated during some parts of the live. We received many favorable comments for this unique production from both of the audience and the artist.
Due to the artist license, please refer to the following link .

Press Releases
TENKU and MANTEN attracted many companies wanting to make their press release events more unique and extraordinary.
Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s Press Presentation

  • Date: 15 May 2014
  • Venue: TENKU
  • Participants: 110+

“Otsuka Pharmaceutical” had the launching event of a massive promotional campaign “LUNAR DREAM CAPSULE PROJECT” for their beverages at TENKU. Media attendance was over 70 including some foreign media. This event was reported worldwide by over 400 media.
Click the link for more information.
Microsoft Japan’s New Product Release

  • Date: 16 Oct 2014
  • Venue: TENKU
  • Participants: approx.100

Microsoft Japan had the release event for their new product “Premium Office” at TENKU. The product lineup was exhibited at the lobby. It was covered by 7 major TV news programs and over 150 online news articles.

Wedding Ceremonies
MANTEN and TENKU are occasionally available to be lent for personal use.

  • Date: 18 Feb 2016
  • Venue: MANTEN
  • Participants: 100

The couple had a dream to get married under a starry sky, but it had rained on their wedding day. Therefore they made their dream come true at the planetarium.


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