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My name is Steven Krams, I am the president Magna-Tech Electronic Co, (MTE)

Our business at glance (available for download)

The history of MTE dates back to 1956 when Otto Peipelka & Norman Prisamant the founders of the company tasked themselves to produce first-class sound recording equipment for motion picture studios.

After nearly 15 years of hard work, MTE was providing 16-17.5-35 & 65/70mm film recording, Studio projection systems, and audio consoles, high-speed audio and video copying machines for nearly 90% of all global studios, including Warner Brothers, Lucas Films, Columbia Pictures, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Pine Wood , Disney, Beijing Studios, Shepperton, Mosfilm and hundreds of others.

Magna-Tech organized its activities in the international market by developing a strong network of partners around the world. Since 1970 Magna Tech Electronic has received prestigious awards, including the American Academy Award for technical achievements with film and audio equipment. Over the years, the technology has changed and MTE has diversified dramatically since the introduction of digital methods of information processing. MTE has firmly established itself in the field of Total Design Engineering of systems for the integration of both image & sound which includes professional AV equipment, Design, fit out, ob both live & Cinema theaters, Conference rooms, Museums, Planetariums, Educational, Military and other institutions with both Analog & Digital solutions to clients the world over.

Today, Magna Tech Electronic has offices and distribution in the following areas:

  • United States (South and North America market, shipping around the world)
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia (Russian Federation market, the CIS, Europe and East Asia)
  • Lebanon (Arab Emirates market, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt)
  • Ad-Dammam (Saudi Arabia)
  • Bahrain
  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • India

Nowadays MTE specializes in designing and supplying audio, video, film and support systems to such facilities as:

  • Movie theaters, live theaters and cultural centers
  • Museums and planetariums
  • Educational establishments
  • Shopping centers and stores
  • Stadiums and sports arenas
  • Sanctuaries and churches
  • Hotels and recreational centers
  • Cruise ships
  • External and internal multimedia advertising.
  • Installation and support services
  • Governmental & Military Agencies

MTE takes pride in it business and professional relationships with its clients. Our goal is to be fully engaged equally with both the large clients as well was our smaller and independent ones.

As an independent systems integrator, we maintain our relationships with customers and partners based on mutual trust, transparent business processes, provision of quality consulting and advice. MTE has gained a reputation as an integrator capable of finding a competent technical solutions and implementing them successfully.

Our MTE staff constantly gains new experience, which enables the MTE team to grow professionally, and personally. Our employees communicate with customers, partners and suppliers around the world, which broadens our team’s outlook and mind. Implementing a matrix approach, we involve specialists from different industries and countries to effectively work on a specific task or challenge. Thus, MTE is capable of delivering turnkey projects, and providing a high level of competence in solving complex problems.

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