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Control Rooms

Control Rooms

A company or institution that needs to manage their process from centralized location are using control rooms. MTE provides technical solutions to the new control rooms and existing ones which require upgrade. Special furniture, hardware and software, display solutions, data collaboration techniques, video recording, teleconference, audio systems, etc. are helping to manage the process efficient.

Depending on the project we use CAD applications, 3D modeling and Virtual Reality simulation to design the control room you need

We work with any type of control rooms from 2 to 50+ operators including:

  • Television production & networks
  • Universities, hospitals, research facilities,  and theme parks
  • Sound recording studios and color suites
  • Transportation facilities (bridges, tunnels, canals, airports, and rapid transit systems) and Rail
  • Operations Centers
  • Power-generating stations, oil refineries and chemical plants
  • Military facilities, Police or special security jurisdictions, high security prisons
  • Flight controllers and mission control centers
  • Fire service control rooms
  • Computerized data centers
  • Network operations centers
  • Call centers

Let us know how you want to use your command and control room so we can determine your needs and come up to the complete solution for you.

We offers a total solution to your needs for a state-of-the-art digital or film-based cinema. We are pleased to offer you:
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with you
EQUIPMENT CATALOG find what you need
EQUIPMENT CATALOG find what you need
Let us follow up
with you
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