Architectural design

Magna-Tech Electronic Co. Inc. provides design consulting services worldwide and its primary focus is devoted to the following areas of specialty:

  • Design and Development of Modern State of the Art Motion and Digital Cinema Complexes.
  • Design and Development of Planetariums and Museums.
  • Design and Development of totally Integrated Home Theaters systems.
  • Design and Development Movie & TV Studios, Multi-Purpose auditoriums / Facilities
  • Design and Development of Live Performing Theaters including interior design, acoustical design, seating layouts, and theatrical lighting systems design.
  • Design and development of Board Rooms, Conference rooms, Control Rooms, Systems Integration including Video Conferencing, Multi Media and HD Imaging technologies.

Magna-Tech Electronic Design Team is committed to provide a total solution to our customers, based in our extensive experience in this field of design and development, and our team associates vast experience on the many different tasks of design, engineering, acoustical, equipment integration,equipment supply and installation.


The MTE design process starts by identifying the customer’s needs and understanding the vision that the customer would like to see developed as an end result.

Once this step is done, MTE will collect as much information from the customer as possible in terms of the space available for construction, existing drawings from client’s architect, and other consultants etc in order to prepare a Preliminary Design Proposal for the customer. The MTE design team then develops proposed total solution.


MTE will prepare, after customer approval, a set of detailed AutoCad drawings with the following information:
Detailed floor plans with dimensions outlining the different areas of the all necessary elements of the venue.

MTE will provide all necessary details for the demising walls between auditoriums based on the most up to date STC specification for the modern digital sound systems as well as other general details for the different items involved on the design work.

As part of the auditorium design MTE will pay special attention to the sightline studies, seat placement, ADA compliance, acoustical wall treatment, screens and frames designs, screen masking, hearing impaired equipment and aisle lighting.

A set of projection and engineering drawings will be provided as part of the design package, with all the necessary information for the projection and sound system installation including the electrical conduit layout, wiring and cable specifications and electrical loads requirements.

MTE can assist with HVAC and MECHANICAL engineering as well if the customer requires these services.


Magna-Tech Electronic will be available for consultation throughout the bidding and construction process to aid the customer with any questions or concern from the construction team and the client’s architect / engineering team as well.
Magna-Tech will assist the client with the purchase of equipment and installation related to the design as per MTE equipment proposals.

We as a company offer a Total Solution to our clients to make their vision a reality.

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