Our staff are noted experts in planning, building, outfitting, and operating a motion picture theater.  If you need help in the following areas, contact us and see how having the advice of professionals with 40 years of experience can make a difference in your theater project.


You’ll want to provide your finance people with the facts:

  • How many screens?
  • How many seats?
  • Occupancy Rates?
  • How large should the lobby be?
  • How much parking do you need?
  • Cost of construction?
  • Cost of equipment and fixtures?
  • An income and expense statement?
  • An opinion as to viability from an expert?

To request a Feasibility Study you will need to obtain the following information.

  • You would provide us with the demographics which is available from your local Chamber of Commerce.
  • You would provide us with the location of the proposed cinema.
  • You would provide us with the location of the competing cinemas in your coverage area.  Include name of cinema, estimated number of seats, number of screens, and the owners name.

This information will be interpreted by us and we will provide you with a report that suggests the following.

  • The number of screens that are supportable.
  • The number of seats in each auditorium.
  • The square footage requirements of the entire building including auditoriums, projection rooms, concession, lobby, office storage, and prep areas.
  • The cost of construction.
  • The cost of the CF&E package.
  • The estimated P/L pro-forma for the first years operation.
  • The operational expenses and income for the first year.

Our company, in addition, provides everything you will need to open your cinema.  If requested we can provide the CF&E package, design and development drawings both inside and outside, management training, film bookings and acquisition.


What goes into a properly designed state of the art cinema or performing theater?  MTE can provide you with total building design and layout.

Architectural drawings of the finest quality in Auto-Cad are yours when you engage us to design your cinema.  You will enjoy the latest in Stadium and Conventional Seating Layouts.  Traffic flows designed to increase the speed and efficiency of concession and ticket sales.  Concession stand designs and layouts with you in mind.  We always consider local requirements of culture, geographical location, architectural considerations, environmental concerns, and innovative state of the art equipment.  MTE will guide you in these most important areas in order to assure that your investment is not a gamble but more of a calculated success.


With all the choices out there in projectors, sound, seating, concession, lobby, ticketing, etc., our consultants can give you the advice you need in making the right choice for you.


MTE is associated with some of the nations foremost engineers and architects.  If you have not engaged these services we can direct you.


If you have never been in the cinema business before chances are you really need some help in the acquisition of product.  Our worldwide network of contacts makes this sometimes daunting problem manageable which will help reduce your stress in getting your project off the ground.


Our qualified staff of professionals can provide management and employee tutorials and training.  From your first ticket sale through marketing, personal practices and more MTE will assist you.

You are new player on the cinema theater market or you want to elevate the level of the operation at your existing theater, MTE can help you by providing internship at our cinemas. Coral Gables Art Cinema in Miami is unique cinema theatre with the average occupancy rate 75% highly appreciable in the neighborhood and visible at the national cinema radar. Here you can learn how to organize screenings, make special events and do outrageous marketing of you cinema in your area.

MTE provides total planning, development and operations consultation to open a cinema anywhere in the world.  We invite you to choose from the world’s largest selection of NEW and pre-owned professional cinema equipment, furnishings, and accessories.  Our customers are choosing us because they appreciate the pleasant experience we are providing  during the process of planning, building, equipping, and operating a modern cinema.

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