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We know these times have been challenging and the cinema industry is adapting at an incredible pace to keep up with our new environment. We thank you for taking your precious time to visit our on-line booth. We have added some resourceful videos we hope you’ll watch, enjoy and get some inspiration from.

Attracting old and new spectators to your cinema is our most common challenge.  Magna Tech offers the solutions and technology needed to turn these challenges into real opportunities utilizing our values and people based research, decades of cinema construction and design experience, equipment sale and project management.

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Consulting and Architectural Design

Our partners choose to work with Magna Tech simply because we are in business for over 50 years and have full knowledge of what is needed in the industry. Please watch our educational videos below to gain an understanding of how we can enhance your project to be a success.


Custom Research On Your Target Audience

Magna Tech {Research} is a special project of Magna Tech Electronic in collaboration with Ural Federal University. We use sociology, anthropology and big data in order to study the lifestyle and values of your audience delivering a higher level of community understanding and analytics.

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What is Custom Research from Magna Tech?

Magna Tech {Research} combines diverse methods which depend on your goals:

  • Ethnographic observation
  • In-Depth interviews
  • Digital anthropology

Why choose Magna Tech {Research}?

Magna Tech {Research} is a powerful tool for facility development and marketing goals, such as:

  • Identifying the needs of your target audience and producing specialized solutions
  • Estimation of population size
  • Segmentation and building of customer-centric marketing strategies
  • Evaluating the efficiency of marketing tools

At Magna Tech {Research} we study multiple systems of values and lifestyles to create unique costumer profiles. We investigate the potential demand of cultural activities audiences may be lacking. Individuals are looking for fulfillment for new cultural products beyond what would currently be available to them. Magna Tech {Research} can assist in identifying these needs.

What areas does Magna Tech {Research} apply to?

Magna Tech {Research} is available both as an independent service or as part projects in the early stages of development. This can be applied:

  • In development
  • In cultural industries such as cinemas, museums, community centers, and more
  • In event industries like music concerts, live-shows, festivals, etc.
  • In smart city planning

What are the benefits of working with Magna Tech {Research}?

Key advantages of Magna Tech {Research} are:

  • Flexible scalability
  • High reliability of data
  • Combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Transfer of offline research methods into online
  • Assistance and support after the project is completed (we provide tools for independent use)

Drive-In and Outdoor Cinemas

With the advent of new projection technologies it’s never easier to show a movie just about anywhere. Magna Tech can help turn your “empty space” into a state-of-the-art cinema.

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What are the main advantages of the BIG screen?

Watching movies on “the big cinema screen” is still one of the most popular and available types of leisure therefore movie shows now become an event.

What are the benefits of working with Magna Tech?

In a concert or conference halls, at an outdoor open space or auto parking lot, in just about every environment. We can create a digital cinema for a regular/established business as well as a one-time screening (e.g. during a special event in order to create a WOW effect).

We are able to provide our customers with full services,  such as design, engineering, architectural, and consulting services as needed for just about every type of project in order to fulfill your vision.



Modern full-dome digital projection or digital projection combined with optical-mechanical systems have shown to be complementary to movie theatre environments.  Planetariums give you an immersive experience for a wide array of  business, educational, and arts and science visitors.

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What are the main advantages of a planetarium?

Did you know that in a year more than 100 million people attend planetariums? Part of this traffic can become yours!  A planetariums can be a unique venue which fits just about any business or non-commercial location bringing together entertainment, education and science.

  • Can satisfy growing demands for “smart” leisure and educational activities.
  • Combines entertaining and educational functions that allow you to grow your audience.
  • Great for holding “atmospheric” image events, as well as business meetings, for which the immersive effect can be a unique attraction.

What are the benefits of working with Magna Tech?

With many years of experience helping to design, build and supply planetariums, Magna Tech brings a substantial amount of experience to this area. You will see in our portfolio completed projects found throughout a number of countries Magna Tech has helped to build.


Vintage equipment

MTE specializes in the restoration of analog equipment for movie props, museums or personal collection. Learn more about the variety of items in our collection, our restoration team and recent projects showcasing some of our work.


Cinema  equipment Outlet

Existing multimedia systems for movie theaters will continue to work efficiently, despite the fact that the newer equipment continues to appear on the market.

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Magna Tech Electronic offers a wide range of legacy equipment as well as equipment with minimal operational use.


Magna Tech Electronic outlet is a great opportunity to optimize equipment acquisition costs.

What are the benefits of working with Magna Tech

Magna-Electronic guarantees the reliability and high performance of all the equipment you purchase. You will be at the very center of technological trends with us.

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