Key staff

Our knowledge and experience in our business is unique.  We are designers, engineers, cinema operators, film distributors, suppliers, and installers.

We have received an Academy Award for Technical Achievement and Three Academy Citations for innovative and new product developments that enhance the production of Sound in Motion Pictures.

Continental Film & Digital  operates  a film laboratory, a digital imaging company complete daily color correction and transfer of film and digital images in HD &3D.

We have successfully operated the City of Miami Tower Theatre and, we currently operate the Coral Gables Cinemateque Theater in Coral Gables FL.

Our businesses have us taken all over the United States and the world. We have provided, over many years,  operational expertise, design consulting, equipment, supplies, service, training and support to cinema owners, various branches of the  government , educational facilities, and the armed services.



Steven H. Krams President & CEO
Dara Reusch Vice President
Julio Urbay Int’l Sales & Marketing
Francisco Blanco VP of Technical Services
Arturo Quintero Architectural Design & Development
Vicki Amorosi General Manager of Continental Film & Digital Labs
Evan Oleson Senior Digital Cinema Technician
Elida Serrano Accounting Dept.
Raymond Alvarino Digital Cinema Technician & Sales
Adam Hendershot Post Production Engineer
Enrique Cardoso Machine Shop Specialist
Merri Krams Ebay Sales & logistics
Pablo J. Blanco Film Cinema Technician
Oscar Danilo Estrada Film Camera Dept.
Stanislav Rogozin Managing director MTE Russia & Business Development MTE worldwide
Samuel Sewell Warehouse & Driver
Jeffery Wayne Knowles Warehouse & Driver
D’Andre (Dre) Hickman Warehouse Assistant & Data Entry
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Magna-Tech Electronic Co., Inc.
329 Palermo Ave. 1st Floor
Coral Gables, FL 33134-6601 USA
Phone: (305) 573-7339
Fax: (305) 573-8101
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