Since 1980 MTE company offering a worldwide partner program where companies or individual entepreners are taking their part in our rosschannel equipmentand services distribution network. We believe that the partnership program is a key to our mutual success.
From our side we providing:
  • Internship at our MTE offices
    worldwide on a volunteer basis
  • Cooperation with all our partners
    and agents worldwid
  • Well known international brand name
  • Experience on the market
  • Marketing assets
  • Tecnical support
  • Spare part support
  • Supply of the product
  • Consulting
From you:
  • Knowledge of your market
  • Willing to learn and o share information
  • Training and educationin this field
  • Potential growth
Let us know more about you, the market you are working at and your company
It is allright if you do not have the answer to some of these questions. Just send us as muchinformation as you believe we should know about your busines and we will be happy to start doing business with you
What is your market
Describe the geografical
area of your operation
Give us some statistical
Data on your market
(how many installations were done and how many are coming)
What is your
organisation structure
(when did you start, how many people are working, what is your main business)
Describe the completed
projects or projects you were recently
Do you or people you work
with have training and education
related to your business
Does your company have web site
What is your name
What is your email
What is your phone