MTE Cinema Newsletter vol. 1 issue 3


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Hot off the presses AMC/Amazon

Rumor has it that AMC theaters is in the acquisition sights of Amazon. This report speculates that this could be a good acquit ion for Amazon since the stock is at near low selling prices. However, the rumor boosted the price to over $5.50 at this writing about 40% above what it has been selling for. AMC the USA Mega Exhibitor has been battered financially by the COVID-19 crisis and it is in a weakened position going forward.

UK Cinemas slated for July 4 Openings

According to new CV-19 recovery guidance put out by the UK government on Monday afternoon The plan entitled “Our Plan to Rebuild,” States that cinemas are in the “high-risk” classification. Scheduled to open July 4. Those venues that don’t meet the standards are not likely be able to open even then.

Mexico, Argentina & Brazil’s Film Industry threatened with “Double Trouble”

The CV-19 crisis has made a bad situation worse in both Mexico, Argentina & Brazil for the movie business. Films made in these countries depend on government subsidy that that is either withdrawn or in doubt. In Brazil the withdrawal of this fund could be dire film makers. In Mexico & Argentina several important producers have already turned to TV & other platforms. This coupled with CV-19 restrictions has created very challenging set of circumstances.

Hygiene in Cinemas post COVID-19

Cinema operators everywhere will have to develop standards that will create a sense of trust and responsibility if they are to win back the hearts and minds of Cinema Patrons. Every cinema will require an enhanced sanitization and hygiene program.

  • Items on your check list Every 90 Minutes
    Wipe downs and disinfect counters and surfaces in restrooms and concession counters, water coolers, napkin & straw dispensers, door handles, every 60 minutes, elevator keypads, railings, public seating areas, validation machines.
  • Between Shows
    Clean & Disinfect restrooms, all seat surfaces, vacuum carpets, tiled floors, concession equipment and accessories.

Drive-Ins are popping up

One by one around the country and around the world throwbacks from the past yes!
Drive In Theaters are popping up everywhere……. All you need is a White Wall of a Building or a Screen, A parking lot or closed drive-in, a low power FM Transmitter and a Projector. This is the basic package. Food Trucks for concessions? Presales on line? Book a decent film old or new. Proper Licenses and permits are essential. Check it out…. Could be an interesting rebirth…….


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