Auro-3D presents a revolutionary new audio format that enables deeper levels of immersion free of unnecessary complication. With its highly flexible tools, Auro-3D facilitates a greater degree of creativity with broader technical options. This powerful technology gives industry the tools necessary to bring richer forms of entertainment to market. Auro-3D aims to achieve the most Immersive 3D audio experience in the industry while taking into account the developing market trends. Auro-3D format combines the highest backwards compatibility with the maximum quality and flexibility. It is the most cost-effective solution that provides both industry and consumers with unparalleled results. Auro-3D will truly transform the way you experience a movie in a cinema theater. As Auro-3D offers the most realistic and natural cinema audio experience, you will feel the action on the big screen like never before and you'll get fully caught up in the movie adventure. Auro-3D's combined technical and commercial viability makes it the foremost 3D audio solution on the market.

  • Unique three-layer sound technology (surround, height and overhead)
  • Compatible with existing 5.1 installations
  • Minimal hardware investment required
  • The most economically viable immersive sound system
  • The perfect complement to your premium branded experience
  • Fully ready to support future immersive audio standard
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