Crown DSi-8M

Crown DSi-8M
Crown DSi-8M

The Crown DSi-8M is a projection booth monitor designed to work with bi-amplified cinema systems using the Crown DSi Series amplifiers. All controls necessary for daily operation of the DSi-8M are easily accessible on the front panel. 8-channel monitoring allows you to monitor either the processor or the power amplifier’s outputs: L,C, R, Ls, Rs, Bsl, Bsr, and Sub in any combination. Input levels from the processor and power amplifier can be adjusted independently. There are no huge level jumps when switching between processor and power amplifiers. The bargraph display can be calibrated to the reference level for your theater. The projectionist can see auditorium levels instantly.

  • 8 channels for monitoring processor or amplifier inputs
  • All inputs and outputs are balanced to interface with cinema processors
  • Input levels for processor and power amps can be adjusted independently
  • No level jumps when switching between processor and amplifiers
  • Bargraph display may be calibrated to the reference level for your theater
  • 25-pin D-sub connectors, plus removable terminal blocks and HD-15 for quick, hassle-free connections
  • Designed to work with bi-amplified sound systems to monitor the high and low frequency outputs from the left, center and right channels

Input Impedance

10 kilo-ohms

Power Requirements

100-240 Vrms, 50-60 Hz, 32W

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