Inorca Milano

Inorca Milano
Inorca Milano

The comfort and look of a VIP sofa with footrest combined with the strength and reliability of a chair specified for cinema use. Manual and electric versions, head support for optimal viewing angles, deluxe upholstery with the widest selection of stitching designs. Swivel tables on wood, tempered glass or marble type, plus metal cupholders and multiple other options. Double versions includes tilt up central armrest and padded cushion between seats for the perfect loveseat experience. Available in different colors. TECHNICAL SPECS

  • Recliner mechanism, cold cured molded polyurethane foam pad with 18-20 kgf of hardness.
  • High grade steel frame (18 gauge and 1” diameter) for structural integrity, formed with precision CNC benders and robot welded for reliability.
  • Upholstered end panels made of wood, reinforced with internal 3mm steel brackets.
  • Numbering and lettering: plastic or embroidered, by row or by seat.
  • Embroidered logos.
  • Light in dark recline control
  • Love-seat armrest (retractable center armrest).
  • End of row lighting for aisle illumination
  • Cupholders: Aluminium / Plastic.
  • Fixed table: Laminate surface / HPL / Integrated cupholder.
  • Swivel table: Thermoformed top / Laminate surface / HPL / Tempered glass / Integrated cupholder.
  • Lineal, radios or slupe installations


Dimensions Item A

1170mm (46 in)

Dimensions Item B

1060 mm (42 in)

Dimensions Item C

1520 mm (60 in)

Dimensions Item D

890 mm (35 in)

Dimensions Item E

860 mm (34 in)

Dimensions Item F

630 mm (25 in)

Dimensions Item G

520 mm (20 in)

Dimensions Item H

520 mm (20 in)

Dimensions Item I

558 mm (22 in)

Dimensions Item J

692 mm (27 in)

Dimensions Item K

826 mm (33 in)

Dimensions Item L

1518 mm (60 in)

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