Severtson SE1610115

Severtson SE1610115 Severtson SE1610115 Severtson SE1610115
Severtson SE1610115
Severtson SE1610115 Severtson SE1610115

What is the Spirit Series?

The Spirit Series is a collection of in-ceiling, motorized electric projection screen designed specifically for installations requiring a concealed in-ceiling projection screen on a budget. They are ideal for multi-usage environments such as hospitals, worship, conference, teaching, or training rooms where the screen needs to be hidden for aesthetic or functional reasons.

Experience Spirit

The Spirit is a series of in-ceiling electric projector screens designed for custom installation into a worship, classroom, or training room ceiling.The screen surface is fiberglass backed to greatly reduce edge curl. The perfectly flat surface is designed to last for years with minimal visual degradation. The triangular weight bar at the bottom of the screen completely retracts into the case when it is not being used. This imitates the appearance of an expensive trapdoor screen at a fraction of the price.

Smooth Operation

The Spirit can be operated in four convenient ways. A button on the case allows manual operation, the included plug-in IR receiver with remote allows semi-automatic operation, and the 5-12 volt trigger connection allows fully-automatic operation by synchronizing the screen operation with the power cycle of a compatible projector. RS-232 control also comes standard with all Spirit models. The Spirit is equipped with a powerful motor that provides ultra-smooth, silent operation and is designed for extended durability and reliable performance.

  • Recessed in-ceiling installation with triangular weight-bar closure.
  • Deluxe, ultra-quiet motor.
  • White, grey, or 3D materials.
  • Multiple control methods.
  • Eligible for custom build program.

Display Aspect Ratio


Viewing Diagonal


Viewing Dimensions

97.500" x 60.900"

Case Housing Dimensions

109.000" x 4.375" x 4.5"

Standard Black Drop


Shipping Dimensions

123.000" x 8.00" x 7.000", 51.20 lbs

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