Ceiling Mounted Scissor Projector Lifts PL-2500-SL

Ceiling Mounted Scissor Projector Lifts PL-2500-SL
Ceiling Mounted Scissor Projector Lifts PL-2500-SL

Select Adaptive’s Pro-Lift-Scissor Lift System to view and conceal DCI digital projectors inside screening rooms, auditoriums, theaters, etc. No need to plan valuable space for projection booths. This dramatically reduces the TI investment or allows for added seating. Pro-Lift-Scissor Lift is professionally engineered, computer controlled and UL listed. It includes a strong and reliable motorization capable of lowering your projector between 8.2 and 16.4 feet, depending on the selected model.

The ProLift Overhead Scissor Lift System is designed to support Adaptive’s PL-1000 Modular Projector Enclosure from overhead structures. This electrically powered motorized winch system raises the projector enclosure into a stowed position where it is out of view. Its on-board controller allows it to be lowered via a concealed wall switch down to a viewing position where its return position is achieved at all times. A third position is also programmed where the enclosure is lowered to a service/load in position. Programming is done in the field.


3 Sizes of Scissor Lift to Choose From

  • PL-2500-SL - 98.5” / 2501.9mm Vertical Travel - 78.75”/2000mm
  • PL-5000-SL - 197” / 5003.8mm Vertical Travel - 169”/4300mm
  • PL-7000-SL - 276” / 7010.4mm Vertical Travel - 236.25”/6000mm
  • Electric Dual Winch System
  • Wall Switch Actuator
  • Repeatable Stop Returns
  • Controlled Up/Down Speed
  • Three Adjustable Stop Sensors
  • Overhead Interface Frame
  • Dual Fall Protection
  • Power and Signal Wire Management

The Pro-Lift-Scissor operates with this
power supply voltage

240V AC S0/60Hz
single phase 16A with ground wire

The power consumption

lKW at 50 Hz


98.5” / 2501.9mm

Vertical Travel


Working Load

705lb / 320kg

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