L-Acoustics Network Manager

L-Acoustics Network Manager
L-Acoustics Network Manager

From a computer fitted with a Windows operating system, LA NETWORK MANAGER Software provides network control and monitoring of up to 253 LA4 and/or LA8 Amplified Controllers within the L-NET Network. The LA4 and LA8 Amplified controllers (called units) are at the heart of the L-ACOUSTICS® integrated system approach. They offer cutting edge loudspeaker amplification, DSP, L-NET Network control, and comprehensive system protection in single ergonomic packages. The proprietary L-NET Network allows easily configuring multiple Ethernet network topologies using CAT5e U/FTP cables (or higher categories) and standard RJ45 connectors. The use of a universal Ethernet switch is recommended for specific network topologies. LA NETWORK MANAGER Software provides network control and monitoring for both LA4 and LA8 amplified controllers from a computer fitted with a Windows operating system. The multiple window display (Figure 2) gives an overall visualization of the L-NET Network status, units, groups of units, and all information related to the control and monitoring of the units. Access to all settings such as preset, mute/solo, gain, delay, polarity, and matrix can be done via the remote software user interface. A Contour EQ window is also available for quick and easy loudspeaker system frequency response setting. In particular, the original Array Morphing tool is dedicated to line source array systems. LA NETWORK MANAGER also features system standby and initialization control in addition to comprehensive visual monitoring of the audio signal paths and quick detection of any faults in the attached networks. LA NETWORK MANAGER features two possible workflows: the offline and online modes. In the offline mode the user can configure a system before connecting to an L-NET Network. In the online mode a system can be sent to or retrieved from the synchronized L-NET Network, and software provides real time control of each group and unit in the L-NET Network.

  • Amplified Controllers real time control and monitoring
  • Workflow and application driven GUI maximizing productivity and user experience
  • Automatic discovery of the units over the network and assisted unit matching
  • Multiple group assignation facilitating advanced system tuning and management
  • Comprehensive reporting and log of faults
  • Array Morphing tool for tonal balance adjustment
  • System resources indication as a function of gain, Array Morphing and EQ
  • Interactive tutorials suite
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