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Christie Duo Christie Duo Christie Duo
Christie Duo
Christie Duo Christie Duo

Christie® Duo™​ is a dual-projection integration kit. With it, you can generate twice the projected brightness for sharper, superior 2D and 3D images. But you get none of the high cost or hassle that comes with current industry ‘big screen’ premium solutions.

Brighter projection lets you give your audiences a superior, stand out theater experience.

You can purchase the Christie Duo integration kit with either 2K or 4K Christie digital cinema projectors.

Christie DuoAlign software

Our Christie DuoAlign™ auto-calibrating image alignment software and camera kit easily aligns the images from both projectors within seconds for a completely seamless image on your largest screens.

The very best and brightest 3D – hands down

Christie Duo is a fully built-in dual-projection system that allows one projector to be dedicated to the right eye and one projector to be dedicated to the left. The result is double the brightness on your screen and no frame-flashing switching artifacts that compromise overall 3D image quality.

The patented Christie Duo mirror system has been designed to provide uniform pixel convergence across the entire screen. The result is the brightest, most engaging and comfortable 3D viewing experience.

A superior cinema experience and you’re the star

With Christie Duo you have the flexibility to build your own premium brand and deliver a superior theater experience – a memorable, engaging experience that your audiences will return to again and again.

Brilliant quality with a low cost of ownership

The combination of two Christie digital cinema projectors​ and the Christie Duo integration kit is significantly less expensive than other branded ‘big screen’ industry solutions. With lower upfront costs, and no ongoing revenue sharing, Christie Duo is the global solution for creating an, affordable, premium large screen movie experience.​

The solution to suit your cinema needs

The Christie Duo integration kit has the flexibility to support your cinema based on your booth size and 3D system requirements. Christie Duo comes in either a single mirror, dual mirror or stacked configuration to suit your needs.​


Christie Duo integration kit includes

Christie DuoAlign™ auto-calibrating image alignment software and laptop PC
Camera kit
Gen-lock cables
Mirror or stacking systems (configuration dependent)

System requirements

Two matched Christie Solaria projectors1
Solaria software release 3.1.0 (3)
A motorized lens mount
One Christie Integrated Media Block (IMB-S2) for each projector
1 Christie CP2210 and Solaria One excluded

Supported 3D systems

Christie Duo 3D static polarizer kit
Dolby® 3D
MasterImage MI-DUAL3D
RealD XL-DP2
2 Stacked configuration only

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